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Stretch. Cuddle. Relax.Stretch. Cuddle. Relax.Stretch. Cuddle. Relax.Stretch. Cuddle. Relax.

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Yoga with Goats!

Goat Yoga

Our classes are arranged so that you can relax and enjoy the goats or you can really get a great workout in while being distracted by sweet goats. Goat Yoga has been proven to reduce anxiety, reduce pain and even reduce stress.  Goat yoga is practiced to bring a smile, laughs and give people a break from everyday stresses in life.  

Yoga for Everyone


Our yoga classes are for beginners all the way to advanced Yogi. We allow you to decide how hard to push yourself in each session.  The classes we have focus on the use of several goats that will interact with you throughout the class.  Sometimes the goats will jump on your back or be gently placed on your back for added pressure for stretches, strength building as well as the added benefit of a relaxing back massage by little goat hooves.

Group or Private Classes


We have group classes available in our Vagaro schedule widget at either 49er Country Club or Morris K. Udall Park. We welcome you to give us a try!

We also offer private classes/parties upon availability, please email us to schedule your next event.




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